Artist Point

We decided that it was about time we went snowshoeing in our beautiful state. One of the most popular snowshoe destinations in our area was Artist Point in Mt. Baker. The hike was 4 miles roundtrip, however in winter the snow accumulates on its access point so to reach it you have to park in Mt. Baker Ski lift parking and start your hike from there which might add a mile to the hike.

Most of the hike is climbing steep hills with your snowshoes and if the snow is fresh expect a lot of sunken feet and slips and slides. Daniel didn’t like wearing his snowshoes so he took them off and opted for wearing his micro-spikes. The challenge with hiking with 7 year olds, at least ours, is that he got so excited in the beginning of the hike and he was jumping and playing that by the end of it he was wiped out. We always tend to remind him to take it easy and try to calm down, it never works!

The weather was not very good, it was very foggy and we couldn’t see what we were hiking towards. The fact that it was snowing didn’t help either. By the time we hiked a mile or so, the tracks of other hikers were gone and we had to guess which way to go. Note to self, next time I need to download an offline geo map that can help us know where we are.

I recommend that you wait for a good weather to do this hike. Regardless, it was so beautiful being surrounded with nothing but fresh white snow!

Here are some photos:



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