Hidden Lake Lookout

What can I say about Hidden Lake Trail. It is by far, one of the prettiest hikes I have hiked in Washington. We attempted to hike all the way to the lookout last year, but the weather wasn’t cooperating with us. The trail was all foggy by the time we reached midway, and we had to hike back down.

This year, however, we were prepared. We had the right clothes, headlights, extra food and we were determined to finish the hike. Daniel is a year older, hence stronger, and we knew he could hike all the way up. With the right motivation he was able to do it!

The thing that I like most about Hidden Lake Trail is that you get all kinds of landscape when you are hiking.

You start off with an awesome dense evergreen forest of tall trees; then you reach an open vista with small creeks and waterfalls; then you hike your way up between blueberry bushes and purple and pink wildflowers.  After this ascending zig zag terrain you reach the rocky side of the trail and you are welcomed by the amazing North Cascades. Nothing I write can describe the beauty of the North Cascades.

What is also amazing about being so high up, is you get to see where you were a couple of hours ago. You see what you had accomplished and this pushes to hike even further, and let us be honest who doesn’t love to jump on some huge rocks every now and then.

After hiking between the scattered rocks we got to the point where we could see the lookout, oh boy! It was high!

Before hiking up to the lookout we decided to have our lunch on one of the rocks that overlook the hidden lake. We spent around 30 minutes there enjoying the beautiful lake, watching the fog move above it. Maybe that’s why it’s called hidden, because one minute you see it and the other it’s completely hidden underneath a layer of fog.

Hidden Lake is the most beautiful lake I have seen in my life, sitting there so serene and so peaceful on top of a mountain inviting you to sit down and meditate with it.

We hiked our way up to the lookout and it was hard, there’s no trail on the top. You have to find your way between boulders, climbing, jumping, flying, and falling. When you get there, the lookout is the cutest little cabin I have seen. So fragile amongst all these powerful elements of nature.

At the lookout we met a beautiful couple who were spending the night at the cabin, yes you can actually sleep there without even reserving. How awesome is that?! There are also a couple of camping sites next to the lake, but those sites should be reserved ahead of time. We decided that next time we hike this trail we are spending the night up there, amongst the peaks and cascades. Waking to the sunrise and enjoying the sunset!

Things we did and we shouldn’t have done:

  • We didn’t pack enough water. Luckily, we met a couple who filtered some water for us from the creeks. (note to self we need to get one of those filtering tools)
  • We didn’t pack wipes or napkins with us and Daniel got several calls from nature 😛
  • We didn’t hike with our sleeping bags!

How we rocked this trip:

  • We snacked on blueberries on our way down and they were the best I have tried in the Northwest.
  • We packed 4 Go Pro batteries with us, we took as many photos as we liked. If you don’t have a Go Pro, go buy one, it’s the best thing that ever happened to people who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Once again, we packed awesome snacks. To name a few: Carrots, green peppers, boiled potatoes, turkey/lettuce sandwiches, apples, and of course more carrots (just in case Daniel didn’t have enough)

Thank you for reading and I don’t have to remind, get outside and connect with nature. It has tremendous healing powers!

Stay outdoors. Connect with nature.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.51.53 PM   11846412_10100158785605442_2039770251_n

11846412_10100158785615422_589204059_n   11853805_10100158785555542_1195975874_n

11873904_10100158785600452_880057651_n   11873948_10100158785635382_1563043287_n

11873995_10100158785625402_1989961490_n   11874126_10100158785630392_565015703_n

11880105_10100158785610432_48347851_n   11880265_10100158785545562_1243862691_n


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