Mount Pilchuck

There’s something so serene and peaceful about being one with nature. We are always in the search for the next technological invention or the next smartphone; when the answer and the cure to everything in our lives is right in front of us.
I knew for a fact when Daniel was little that I need to expose him to nature as much as I can. Growing up, I lived in a village in southern Lebanon and I took nature for granted, since it was all around. I didn’t think that anything would happen to it. Moving to Beirut for university made me nostalgic to natural settings. I realized for the first time how much we humans can impact nature. We always like to control and we are controlling and manipulating earth every single day. Most animals are now extinct. The ones that are not, are watched by us 24/7 in an attempt to protect them. Protect them from us.
When Daniel is on a hike, he is a different kid. He is happy and free.All the energy that seems to be exploding when we are home, is in perfect synch with the nature around him. He is enthusiastic about everything he sees, whether its a fallen leaf or a weirdly shaped rock. This Sunday on Mount Pilchuck he was leading the hike, it was a 2000 feet trail and he was acing it! He wasn’t wining about watching TV or playing on the IPad or fighting with his toys, he was being free. We were being free. For a couple of hours we didn’t have to think of anything but this trail, but this hike. When we reached the top it was magical, the scenery, our energy, everything had a positive aura to it. If there’s one thing I recommend doing with your kids it is hiking. Go outdoors. Be wild. Be free. Until the next hike.

Ali & Daniel, Mount Pilchuck  2015  Mount Pilchuck 2015

Mount Pilchuck Lookout May 2015  Daniel at Mount Pilcuck, May 2015    

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